PiggyBank Program is going to start soon


We are finishing preparing our system to start Piggy Bank Program. The Piggy Bank program will provide financial support for cancer patients. With the generous help of many Donors, Alivia will help the beneficiaries to crowdfund sources for medical treatment, and provide substantial support for their recovery.

Piggy Bank Programme, which is going to be led by Alivia Foundation UK will be an activity dedicated for cancer patients seeking for financial assistance.

Each Beneficiary of the programme will be given a dedicated subpage on the main website via which donors can make payments for their treatment (credit card, pay-by–link, wire transfer, PayPal, etc.). Donations will be received by Foundation, and then – on request – distributed to Beneficiaries based on invoices for expenses carries out. It will be also possible for Beneficiaries to make payments directly to the account of a hospital and/or other service provider. The Piggy Bank Programme will be a non-cash only, internet-based service.