Call the government to fight cancer effectively


Cancer is not a marginal issue – one in four of us, our family and friends will develop cancer. It should be in all of our interests that they receive the best possible treatment. We could avoid the deaths of thousands of people every year – our loved ones, who might have been alive – if access to treatment was better.

In the 21st century, patients should have access to diagnostic tests that are quick and consistent with current medical knowledge. Long waiting for tests limits the possibility of diagnosing the illnesses in time, and also make it impossible to assess the effects of used treatment.

Medical progress gives us more and more options that every patient should be able to take advantage of. Unfortunately, to this day, not all drug therapies are available for cancer patients.

We need faster diagnosis and more drugs available for cancer patients!

We call on the government to provide rapid diagnostic tests for patients and to introduce new therapies considered to be breakthroughs.

Patients are dying prematurely because they do not have access to rapid treatment in accordance with modern medical knowledge! We cannot tolerate this any longer!

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To the Health Minister, I appeal for immediate assurance of the availability, continuity, and quality of diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients. I demand that every patient had the right to treatment in accordance with the current medical knowledge. Feeling responsible for my own life, the health of my family and friends, I expect the government to effective system of preventing, detecting and combating malignant tumors, carried out in a deliberate and transparent manner. The changes demanded are a matter of life or premature death for many patients! I urge the government to fight cancer.

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