We will help you raise funds for treatment


We know that cancer is a struggle, not only with the disease or unpleasant side effects of treatment, but also with financial burdens. We experienced it ourselves. At Alivia, we know how much fear and helplessness you may feel in a situation in which you lack money for an examination or treatment that may have an impact on your health and life. Those emotions may break even the strongest fighting spirit.

At Alivia, our goal is to minimalize fear and stress in patients and give them courage!

That is why we organize charity fundraisers, with the help of many Donors and People of Good Will. One of the patients we helped was Rafal from Warsaw, the father of Eric and Julia. Rafal is fighting an aggressive and malignant bladder cancer. Thanks to the generosity of the donors, he financed a molecular test for over 4 thousand euros, which will help determine the best type of targeted treatment. We also helped Peter, a former football club coach, who suffers from kidney cancer. He was looking for innovative treatments when those offered by the National Health Fund failed. With the help of the Foundation, Peter has already received four doses of immune therapy.

The expenses were huge. First of all, those related to the purchase of drugs, and the transport. The trips to the hospital, where I underwent treatment, are over 500 km to travel one way for each visit. I had to have regular check-ups: first every two weeks, then monthly. The last time I had a break between examinations for the first time was several months ago. The costs also include additional supplements or special food supplementing the deficiencies of elements in the body. It is a heavy burden on the family budget, so I set up a fundraiser with the Alivia Oncology Foundation.

says Peter.

In the last decade, Alivia Foundation in Poland helped over 1 000 patients cover the cost of drugs and treatments not provided by public health insurance. We have donated over 5 million euros for patient’s expenses related to treatment.

We know how to help effectively! Join us!

We cannot successfully fight against cancer without the support of our Donors.