Chairman's list

Dear Reader,

You may think: „It doesn't concern me, it happens to somebody else, or in the movies...”. We know that everyone can hear a cancer diagnosis, no matter the age, lifestyle or genetic predispositions. Including me and you. You may think: „Cancer diagnosis is the end of my life!”. We know that it can be a beginning of a new life, real and attentive, conscious and mindfull. You may think: „It’s dreadful!“. We know that it doesn’t have to be, with support, access to the best medical treatment and reliable information.

We know this because all of us are affected by the disease - directly, or by our loved ones. Those experiences have given us faith in the power of the human mind and heart, hope for even more effective treatment and love and support of those around us. Those experience taught us the value of reliable information, accessible during the treatment process.

We have created the Alivia Foundation to share those experience, and support others in their fight with cancer. Our goal is to extend the access to reliable information, both basic and special scientific knowledge about cancer disease. We take action to provide support to all patients and their loved ones in difficult situations. We aim to engage the society in our fight against cancer.

Our dream is to create a social movement of support and active prevention. Our ambition is to become a representative party in public debate, preserving the interests of oncology patients. Only with Your help we may achieve our goals.

A change has to occur in every aspect - a change in perceiving cancer, in attitude towards treatment, research, and information. We believe in the potential of youth, and it’s power to overcome any obstacle. We believe that it’s better to gain knowledge about a possible threat, then ignore the idea of its existence.

Help and support us, and together we may win health, life and Your smile.

Bartosz Poliński