War on cancer


This is a fight we cannot loose!

Limited access to modern drugs and technologies used in oncology, including access to safe and effective pharmacotherapy, a low level of anti-cancer prophylaxis, problems with the flow of patient information – these are just some of the challenges faced by thousands of oncology patients in their fight for life.

Cancer incidence prognosis shows that each of us may soon find ourselves in the same situation and will have to apply for financial help. Thanks to donations for the Alivia Oncological Foundation it’s possible to support a growing group of patients who fight the battle of their lives.

Thanks to the support of the Donors we were able to cover the costs of pharmacological agents and other therapies for our patients many times. We also financed diagnostic tests, medical consultations, transport or rehabilitation of the Foundation’s patients. It is worth noting that many of these costs are not included in the publicly reimbursed treatment process at all.

Join us! Together we can win against cancer!

We cannot successfully fight against cancer without the support of our Donors.