„The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”



The Foundation Board

bartosz poliński

Bartosz Poliński


High-level Manager. A person with unique experience in international business sectors of IT, finance and communication. A long-standing department director of one of the largest companies on Poland’s stock exchange. Council member of The Polish League Against Cancer, chairman of the board of directors of Alivia Foundation UK. Graduate of Warsaw University of Technology in Electronics and Information Technology.

Agata Polińska


Copywriter. Specialist in fields of marketing, communication and advertising, with experience gained in global public relations agencies. The author of many well recognised and rewarded radio and television advertisements. Graduate of the Faculty of Applied Linguistics and East Slavonic Philology, and Gender Studies at the University of Warsaw.

The Foundation’s Staff

We are a team of passionate, energetic and determined people whose goal is to fight cancer in any and every way possible. With a strong patient focus we constantly strive to offer the best and most effective solutions and help for cancer patients. Our staff includes specialists in marketing, fundraising, promotion, public relations and patients communication.