The wish for healing has always been half of health.


Our history and personal experience

The Alivia Cancer Foundation was established in 2010 in Warsaw, Poland, to help cancer patients fight for their lives. The Foundation was set up by Bartosz Poliński, brother of Agata, who was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer in 2007. At the time of the diagnosis, Agata was only 28 years old.

For years the siblings were fighting with the disease in the reality of an unfavourable health care system. That experience not only made them aware of all the problems that patients encounter, but also taught them how to solve the difficult situations they faced. Alivia strives to share this specific know-how in order to help cancer patients effectively. This kind of help is Alivia’s most important and distinguishing asset.

The Foundation promotes a modern approach to cancer and encourages patients to have an active attitude. The Foundation also organizes financial support for cancer patients in need – it fundraises and then covers expenses related to treatment, medicines, diagnostics and transport to medical centres - the costs which the national healthcare insurance refuses to pay for.

Agata i Bartek Polińscy
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