Since the very beginning, in 2010 in Poland, the Foundation has been helping patients find their way in the medical system and providing them with knowledge and information about the newest global advances in oncology.

Our Experience:

Through the Red Box programme and the “Onco News” Programme the Foundation has given over 3,200 answers to substantial questions and solutions to the problems the patients encounter.

The Foundation has engaged patients in assessing oncological centres - we have gathered over 13,000 opinions and evaluations of doctors and medical centres through the Onko-Map programme.

Alivia has also been monitoring the length of queues to diagnostic tests, giving over 550 thousand patients a tool for finding the fastest available diagnostic examinations through the website

However, one of the most important activities of the Foundation is the Piggy Bank Programme, which enables cancer patients to collect financial means. Alivia helps raise funds and then cover expenses of the treatment, medicines, diagnostics and transport to medical centres (the costs which the national healthcare insurance refuses to pay for).

Till now the Alivia Foundation has handed over 10,000,000 PLN to the beneficiaries of the Piggy Bank Programme, which enabled financing e.g. non-reimbursed medications, diagnostics and rehabilitation.

To gain nationwide financial support, the Alivia Foundation, in year 2016, introduced a fundraising campaign “War on Cancer”. It consisted of a unique commercial that looked like a game teaser and a charity game on smartphones - a special fundraising mechanism, where you can support the Foundation by playing the computer game!

View campaign:

View the game:

The campaign was richly awarded, with a title of the Campaign of the Year in 2016, silver medals in Innovation AD #Award 2016, gold medal in the MIXX Awards 2016 Public Service and Non-Profit campaign category, gold medal in the 2017 Effie Awards Pro-Bono campaign category.

The Alivia Foundation acknowledges that the availability of cancer pharmacotherapy is one of the most important components decisive for the success of the cancer treatment.

That is why in 2015 the Foundation prepared, in cooperation with the Polish-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, a report that analysed the availability of innovative cancer drugs in Poland, as compared to other European Union countries and Switzerland. The report is available here: "Accessibility of innovative cancer drugs in Poland compared to selected European Union countries and Switzerland”.

The 2015 report was meant to be a tool that would highlight the particularly difficult situation of Polish patients. However, two years after publishing the report, apart from a few changes, the methods used to fight cancer in Poland remained outdated. Two years later, in 2017, the Alivia Foundation prepared a second report, once again concerning access to modern cancer treatment. It was prepared in cooperation with the PEX Pharma Sequence Sp. z o.o. The report is available here: “Oncology patients’ access to drug therapies in Poland in view of current medical knowledge”.

On this basis, we initiate a discussion on systemic changes that could improve the patients’ situation.